Are you suffering with pain in your
shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, ankle or foot?

To deal with pain most individuals, once given the choice, would favor a minimally invasive approach with limited down time. If surgery is ultimately required, finding some way to optimize recovery is essential. Susquehanna Orthopaedics offers new, innovative and minimally invasive techniques to address pain.

Treating chronic muscle and tendon pain with the TenJet Procedure

The TenJet® system is a device which allows the surgeon to perform a minimally invasive procedure to target the source of chronic tendon pain – the damaged and diseased tendon.

This technology uses a special two channel needle engineered to deliver a controlled supersonic stream of saline (sterile water) to break up and remove the damaged tissue while leaving the healthy tissue behind.

It is performed through a nearly imperceptible incision in the skin and is performed in an outpatient setting at the SurgCenter of Bel Air using only local anesthesia with conscious sedation.

The treatment only takes a few minutes and it provides many of the benefits of traditional open or arthroscopic debridement but with a faster recovery.

Discover the healing power of your own body’s fat using Lipogems

What is Lipogems?

It is a device that removes a small volume of your fat from your abdominal area and processes it using a sterile saline solution. Your fat is then micro-fragmented and purified leaving only the powerful healing cells.

After your body’s fat has been micro-fragmented and purified a small needle is used to inject the micro-fragmented fat into the treatment site(s).

The healing cells from your own body maximize your ability to provide cushion and support and help with healing of damaged or injured tissue and optimize recovery.

The procedure is performed using 100% of your own body’s fat cells. There is nothing foreign introduced into the body. This is done in an outpatient setting at the SurgCenter of Bel Air either by itself or in conjunction with a surgical procedure.

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